The Robinson List

Robinson List

Are you looking for a way to get rid of those pesky telemarketers who call you at home time and time again?

The answer here in Europe is called the Robinson List (La Lista Robinson). By far the most effective legal way to protect your privacy while saving a few extra minutes of your life. Time is money.

How much time have telemarketers and the like stolen minutes or even hours of your life, trying to convince you to buy, purchase or subscribe to their services? When I think about the amount of time spent on the telephone trying to explain to the poor, defenseless and desparate salesperson on the other end that I don’t have time (nor the money) to cater to their sales pitch, my blood begins to curdle.

I still remember having to explain to a telecommunications company the fact that my mother had passed away and that I didn’t have time to talk to them about their new service. The unfortunate caller that day was left speechless and even apologised for his untimely call.

But that is just what you can expect from joining the Robinson List. Just today I received a phone call from a law firm offering their services here in Spain and I mentioned that I belonged to the Robinson List – the response? – “I am sorry for having phoned you without your express permission. Please accept our sincerest apologies . This will never happen again.”

I was taken aback at such professionalism on the part of the telemarketer. But then again, I realised just how much time they had stolen from me throughout the years and I began to thank God for the existence of the Robinson List.

If  you suffer from a similar predicament and are looking to rid yourself of untimely and inopportune telemarketers, be sure to check out the Robinson List (la Lista Robinson).

Be sure to visit:


to get rid of: to free yourself from something, to liberate yourself

pesky: annoying, bothersome

telemarketer: a person or salesperson that tries to sell you something via telephone

by far: without a doubt, to a strong degree

to purchase: to buy

to cater to: to pay attention to, to serve

to pass away: diplomatic language for ” to die ”

speechless: without words to say

express: adj. expressed in writing or by word of mouth

to be taken aback: to be surprised


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