David, You Are In Hot Water


The PM of the United Kingdom, David Cameron announced his proposal for new immigration controls for the United Kingdom. Among the most controversial points of the new policy are his plan to cut immigrant healthcare and unemployment benefits.

Cameron bases his policy on what he calls the “culture of something for nothing” that has taken the nation by storm. According to Cameron, immigrants from the European Economic Area  have been signing up for unemployment benefits, while neglecting to even seek or apply for new jobs.

In order to stem the new wave of “something for nothing” immigration, he plans to cut unemployment benefits to said immigrants and also vows to bill immigrants directly for any healthcare or medical attention received. If not, he says that member nations should be responsible for covering healthcare expenses they receive in the UK.

But his new plan to curtail immigration has received serious opposition and complaints from other council members and EU member countries.

Watch the entire proposal in English and see what you think.

Keep in mind the following questions and give us your opinion:

1) Does this new proposal sound fair and just? Or is this just another way  for the UK to dissuade immigrants from entering the UK to begin with?

2) How will this new policy affect EU citizens seeking job opportunities abroad?

Just click here to view:

PM Cameron Offers His Proposal to Crackdown on Immigration in UK

Useful Terms:

to announce: v. , to make public

controversial: adj., causing controversy or misunderstanding

to base: v., to found, to formulate

to take by storm: v., to rapidly grow suddenly

to sign up for: v., to register

to stem: v., to stop, to prevent

to vow: v., to promise

to cover expenses: to pay for any bills

to curtail: to drastically reduce or decrease

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