Trouble in Paradise: Hands Off Cyprus


Leaders of the World Monetary Fund, along with board members of the ECB (European Central Bank) meet today to decide the fate of Cyprus.

Cyprus is in deep financial trouble. The government is against an intervention or rescue from the EU or European Union, but it is clear they have no alternative.


trouble: problems

paradise: a heavenly place, a place of pleasure and happiness

Hands off!: Don’t touch! (No tocar)

World Monetary Fund: n – the world institution in charge of economic rules (el FMI o fondo monetario internacional)

ECB – European Central Bank: n. – most important bank in Europe

the fate: n. the future

to be in deep financial trouble: v. to have monetary problems

to be clear: v. to be evident

alternative: n. choice, option

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Economist, financial risk analyst, business English coach and entrepreneur...always disposed to new business ideas and offer support for new business plans. Specialist in e-commerce and marketing.
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