You Have No Shame!

You Have No Shame


Last Saturday night, the goalkeeper for FC Barcelona Victor Valdes lost his cool after the final whistle of the game between Madrid and Barcelona. In a rant of anger and disgust, he repeatedly insulted the referee, shouting at him in his face: “You have no shame! You screwed up and you know it!

But Barcelona’s “keen-eyed” goalkeeper, at a distance of 70 meters when the referee failed to whistle an apparent penalty in favour of Barcelona, continued on after the incident, shouting “You Have No Shame”, reminiscent of the “Yes We Can!” of Barack Obama.

But aside from the alleged penalty that went unnoticed by the referee was the irony of the words coming from the mouth of a Spanish footballer: “You have no shame!” The fact of the matter is that football in Spanish society has not only not lost its popularity, but also even seems to be enjoying its own particular August in Spain, despite the crisis.

So what gives? Is football so important to us that we have to spend millions of euros televising and attending these sporting events, while thousands upon thousands in Spain lose their homes, their jobs, their dignity and in some sad cases, their very lives?

Case in point: FC Barcelona and R. Madrid

Together, only these two teams have a market value of roughly, 2.427 thousands of millions. That may sound like a lot of money, and to be fair, IT IS! Just these two teams represent 2,7% of the entire National Debt of Spain. So is football important? You bet it is.

So why do we insist on investing valuable time and money in football? It’s only a sport, you know. Let’s remind our readers of some rather disgusting, but relevant facts: Between these two clubs, there are two of the highest paid players of all Spain, which ranks number 2 in the world’s highest salaries for footballers.

We all know who they are: Leo Messi for FC Barcelona, chiming in at 33 million euros, and CR (Cristiano Ronaldo) making a cool 29 million. These are the top number one and number three players on the list of the worldest highest-paid players in the world. Not a bad duo, representing 15 percent and 2 percent of the total value of each club respectively.

So where is the diversification in the Spanish league? Why are we putting all our eggs in two baskets? The real story behind all of this is the battle for television rights and more importantly, the cost of televising these events. These events cost television magnates a fortune, just because of their entertainment value. But as the Spanish league becomes more and more “bipolar” (either Barcelona or Madrid winning national championships), will the Spanish public start to or at least, partially lose interest in football?

What would happen if there were a referendum in Spain to liquidate football teams?

If public money and private money were invested into legitimate Spanish businesses, Spain would most assuredly have no crisis in sight. The fact of the matter is that we continue to “shamefully” invest money and time in entertainment, while turning our heads to avoid the sight of our fellow citizens who suffer evictions, unemployment, and a dismal outlook for the future. “You have no shame?” – Yes, indeed, politicians, footballers, and average citizens….. have no shame.

  • to lose your cool: to lose your composure or temper
  • a rant: a moment of rage
  • to screw up: to make a mistake
  • to whistle: to indicate a penalty or foul via whistle, to signal
  • roughly: approximately
  • alleged: supposed
  • magnates: leaders or important owners
  • So what gives?: So what seems to be the problem?
  • You bet it is! : Of course, it is!
  • to put all your eggs in one basket: to not diversify

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