The Big Stink


Mounds of trash piled up along the streets of Malaga is the tragic consequence of a strike headed up by streets and sanitation workers across the Spanish province of Andalusia. The strike finally ended on Friday, February 8th when government officials managed to reach an agreement with union members representing the collective.

The situation begs the question as to whether certain members of  the community should have the right to strike forbidden or restricted due to the nature of their responsibilities and the possible negative impact on the cities and their environment.

Similar situations occur throughout Spain, reminiscent of the general strikes and world famous air traffic controller strikes that occur every two years in Spain. Most strikes have some form of legitimate point to make regarding working conditions etc., but the frequency and predictability of such strikes has many people wondering whether they have lost their effectiveness in a democratic society like Spain.


mounds: excessive amounts

to forbid: to prohibit

to head up: to lead

to manage: to obtain, to find the means to do something

to beg the question: to raise a doubt, to bring a question to your mind

reminiscent: (adj.) remembering, bringing to memory

to make a point: to show a point of view in public

predictability: the ability to predict or foresee

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