The Big Stink


Sanitation workers in Malaga have finalised a 7-day strike, leaving the streets of the Andalusian tourist destination filled with the polluted air of trash throughout the streets. City officials confirmed they had reached an agreement with the unions who represent the sanitation workers late Friday.

Once again, the image of Andalusia as a popular tourist destination has been damaged and businessowners and individual citizens alike are fed up with the inefficiency of the streets and sanitation services in the South of Spain.


to finalise: to end

to leave (something) + adjective:  to have an effect from not doing something

a 7-day strike: a strike that lasts seven days

to be filled with: to be saturated or overcome by large quantities of (something)

to be fed up with: to be angry about or to reach a point of disgust

to damage: to hurt, to cause harm

alike: similar

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