Puigdemont, Kiss My Flag!

January 23, 2018

#Kiss My Flag

As onlookers witnessed in disbelief, the ex-President of Catalonia, fugitive from Spanish justice, gave his new nationalist audience in Europe something to talk about. In an informal setting in a café in Denmark, Carles Puigdemont bowed before the Spanish flag and gave two short, but quaint kisses.

A fellow Spanish citizen, resident in Copenhagen, dared to challenge Puigdemont by inviting him to kiss the Spanish flag. This is an official and formal sign of allegiance to the Spanish state.

His motive for doing so couldn’t be clearer. Puigdemont is sewing the seed of sedition throughout Europe (under Vladamir Putin’s orders?). The so-called President of the new Catalonian Republic not only vows to make things right, but gets on his knees begging for forgiveness as he realizes that there is no way in hell that he is going to be president elect of Catalonia without first passing through a long, drawn-out period of legal battles with the Spanish justice system for indictments such as sedition, rebellion and misappropriation of public funds.

When asked today if he were willing to return to Spain, Carles Puigdemont dodged the question by remitting to his normal spiel about how un-democratic the democracy of Spain is just because he wants to be King of Catalonia. To make matters worse, he cited the ‘violence’ and ‘imprisonment’ of living in Spain.

As an American citizen living here in Spain, I must vouch for the absolute respect for freedom, free thought and otherwise peaceful and tranquil environment of living here in Spain. The web of lies that Puigdemont pretends to sew among the international community and leaders of the European Union is a complete and utter farse.

Roger Torrent – Torrente is alive and well in Spain!

In an (un)expected move, Roger Torrent the newly appointed Speaker-of-the-House of the Catalonian Parliament claims that Carles Puigdemont (accused of outright treason for proclaiming an independent Catalonian Republic) is the only eligible candidate for the Presidency of Catalonia.

All of this – mind you – while the most voted party “Ciudans”, looks on with disdain as the electoral system allows the opposition to assume a majority position, in spite of their stellar win in the elections of the 21st of December.

Meanwhile, Ciudans candidate, Inés Arrimadas seems M.I.A. as she seems quite helpless given the circumstances. Though being the most voted candidate for the presidency of Catalonia, she is legally unable to assume her role as president of Catalonia given the nationalist majority in the Parliament.

The situation is not one of political instability, however. Catalonia continues to be managed under the close eye of Vice-President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria, who continues to act as paramedic to stop the  hemorrage inflicted by Puigdemont on the Catalonian economy.

Truth be told, it’s business as usual in Catalonia – that is, if you wish to exclude the circus act of Carles Puigdemont on the European stage. In the end, all parties seem to agree – Puigdemont, kiss my flag!




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What are they smoking?

January 17, 2018

What are they smoking?

Catalonia has a new parliament with a new separitist leader as speaker of the house, who nobody knows – undoubtedly with a clean record – who seems to have appeared out of the middle of nowhere.

His name? Roger Torrent (sounds like Torrente) … but this leftist pro-secessionist lawmaker has more than a few tricks up his sleeves. Speaker of the house or Speaker of the Parliament in Catalonia’s case, is a pretty big deal. The speaker decides which issues are addressed, debated and voted upon in the Catalonian parliament.

So the bottomline in Catalonia is that the pro-Spanish constitutionalist parties who won the elections will not be governing any time soon. The secessionists will basically determine the day-to-day agenda of the legislative branch of government and in the meantime, President Rajoy looks on as Puigdemont (traitor and fugitive from Spanish justice) conducts his business via videoconference in Belgium.

The best part of the Torrent episode seems more like Torrente himself — Torrent actually pretends to swear in Puigdemont as the new Presidentof Catalonia (via Skype or some other virtual means) and somehow carry on the monumental task of covering the black hole left by Puigdemont himself (along with some help from his secessionist friends in jail in Madrid – Oriol JunquerasJordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez).

The fact of the matter remains that regional economies within Catalonia have suffered the exodus of more than 3,000 businesses and counting. The astronomical debt owed by the Catalonians to the State government is beyond anyone’s control and new cases of misappropriation of public funds by separatist elements never cease to appear.

The latest case of corruption involves the conservatory of Barcelona (Palau de Musica), that allegedly served as a platform to distribute public funds among members of secessionist parties, such as CDC, ERC, Junts pel Sí, PDeCat, etc.

This news comes as nothing new as Mariano Rajoy – President of Spain, seems to have taken a backseat throughout the entire affair. His party itself is under fire for more of the same – corruption, extorsion, bribery – you name it, they got it.

If there is something that lacks in this country it is leadership. No Spanish leader has attempted to take matters into their own hands and bring Puigdemont to justice from neighbouring country Belgium, no political parties supporting secession have been outlawed and pandemonium seems to be the name of the game. The question on everyone’s mind is what are they smoking?



speaker of the house: n. chairman or person in charge of parliamentary affairs

a clean record: n. a past history that is apparently free of crime

out of the middle of nowhere: adj. without previous notice or warning

tricks up his sleeves: n. ways to decieve

fugitive: n. a criminal who has escaped

monumental: adj. of great or grand proportions

exodus: n. the abandonment, the escape from one area to another

to take a backseat: v. to look on as things happen without acting or reacting

pandemonium: n. complete and utter chaos

What are they smoking? :

–> What exactly are they doing to act so irresponsibly? / Who do they think they are?  / What drugs are they on to make them think they are capable of something?




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Jihadism on the Mediterranean, NYT insults Pope Francis & Puigdemont Pretends to be “Virtual President” (VP) of Catalonia

January 11, 2018

Jihadism on the Mediterranean

In a stunning report by German daily news journal “Der Spiegel”, Fiona Ehlers uncovers an “Inconvenient Truth” about Islam and immigration in Europe.

Ehlers outlines the travels of immigrants fleeing from harsh, violent and warlike conditions in Libya, Nigeria and North Africa in general. The account leaves no room for indifference.

Italian courts detained 16 muslims implicated in an alleged hate crime (in this case, a religious crime) against Christians fleeing as refugees to the Italian island of Lampedusa. The allegations are chrystal clear – “15 muslim men deliberately pushed nine Christians into the sea on two consecutive nights during the voyage” toward freedom.

According to Ehlers,  on April 11, 2015, more than 100 refugees boarded a 12-meter (40-foot) rubber raft on the Libyan coast, on their journey to freedom and peace. Unfortunately for 9 devote Catholics, this was to be their final journey home.

Registered under case number 7209/2015, the Italian public prosecutors had demanded life sentences for multiple premeditated murders, as the defense argued that the muslim passengers had acted in self-defense and demanded acquittal.

The court split the difference. Judge Montalto sentenced seven men to 18 years in prison for manslaughter and acquitted eight others. The alleged religious motive was ultimately discarded. Once again, European justice looks the other way, as Catholics continue to be persecuted by the supposed “peaceful” members of the islamic religion.

New York Times Insults Pope Francis

In their European online edition, the New York Times also took a subtle stab at the Catholic religion, directly accusing Pope Francis of discriminating towards “animals” by inviting the less fortunate to a fun day at the circus.

The tone of the NYT article is nothing new, but lends special credence to the fact that NYT publicly and deliberately offends Catholics by defending animal rights activists, abortionists and leftist extremists on a daily basis.

In their latest attack, they reported: “the Vatican’s plan to invite 2,100 homeless citizens did not “go down well” with animal rights activists. This sort of suggestive reporting does not “go down well” with Catholics in Europe either, who await an apology from NYT editors in Europe.

Puigdemont for VP (Virtual President)

In a recurring act of sedition and treason, Carles Puigdemont vows to take office of the presidency of Catalonia via Skype, WebX or virtually any other electronic means he can get his hands on.

The Spanish fugitive from justice, Carles Puigdemont, now resides in Belgium as a “virtual” political dissident for those who believe in the separatist cause. The “ex-President’s” efforts to take office via satellite has not sold even his own party members who see Puigdemont’s efforts as a scapegoat to hiding his own cowardness in rejecting a separate Catalonian state by his very absence.



stunning: adj. surprising

to uncover: v. to reveal

account: n. the story, the public record

chrystal (clear): adj. more than evident or obvious

a raft: n. a small inflatable means of marine transport

discarded: adj. to be refused or rejected, to not be accepted

“the less fortunate”: (colloq.) poor people who have no means to live properly

to go down well: v. to be well-recieved

credence: n. belief or conviction

to get his hands on: v. to be able to obtain

a scapegoat: n. a sorry excuse or means of escape

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Life in Europe

January 10,2018

Life in Europe – Full of Challenges, Distractions, & Scandals


In Europe there are several political challenges:

Angela Merkel faces a political life-or-death coalition. The traditonal conservatives are now being questioned regarding laissez-faire economic policies that leave the country vulnerable to attack by opportunists such as China and above all, populist and leftist parties seeking change.

Theresa May illustrates the face of infamy – a country headed for political, economic and social disaster resulting from a comprising attitude with populism.

Mariano Rajoy in Spain has to deal with a never-ending story of betrayal, sedition and separatism in Catalonia. To make matters worse, weather conditions across Europe are bludgeoning public authorities with claims of negligence, incompetency and injustice.


As is tradition, Europeans are well-known for entertaining distractions.

Among the distractions this past year has been the case of the birth of populism.

Populism, grossly defined, is a breed of communist marxism or socialist communism (depending on your point of view). Economies are faced with the so-called “class warfare” or “class struggle,” where bankers are treated as bank robbers and the proletariate seem unconsciously aware of their #MeToo status.

For those unaware of the #MeToo movement, short story told, consists in claims of sexual harassment among actresses in Hollywood. But American influence gains unlikely support in other forms here in Europe.

The issue is no longer a matter of sexual harassment, but rather a matter of financial status. Bankers are no longer executives or financial advisors, but rather fruit ripe for the picking of leftist politicians insinuating a different paradigm for society. Workers are no longer executives or managers but upper class white collar criminals.


In every country, city or society around the world there are always “a few bad apples that spoil the bunch.

This especially rings true here in Spain with cases like los Ere (PSOE – socialist party in Europe), Gurtell, Punica, Lezo, etc.

[For a complete list, check out here.]

However, these cases can not be treated seriously – at least the ones related to tax evasion and illegal financing of political parties. Here in Spain, they consider tax havens to be a form of money laundering, rather than a savvy tactic to avoid paying abominable amounts of taxes. Political parties are actually financed with public tax money – (what is wrong with this picture?). And if you do look for financial aid for your political campaign, you are automatically accused of misappropriation of public funds.

This would seem rather inconsistent with the European tradition of nepotism that Americans loathe and abhor to the hilt, but truth be told, there is much less scandal in European politics and much more heresay in the BBC, CNN and the yellow press.



challenges: n. (pl.) situations that require special expertise or daring; dilemmas

infamy: n. fame in the negative sense of the word

distractions: n. things that distract or make you unaware of reality

breed: n. a kind or type of something

proletariate: n. the working class, blue-collar or average workers

fruit ripe for the picking”: something that is obviously easy to obtain

“a few bad apples spoil the bunch!”:  when someone or some people misrepresent a group and make them look bad in the public eye

tax havens: places or cities where taxes are cheaper

nepotism: n. family favouritism; choosing favourites


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Sexist Google #MeToo

January 9, 2017

Sexist Google Recieves Harsh Reprisal in Reverse Discrimination Case

While here in Europe we are bearing harsh winter conditions, on the other side of “the pond” Google is now under serious fire, but not for the reasons you might think.

On a day like today, when Zuckerberg and Facebook finally came out and confessed the company suffered a serious security breach exposing thousands if not millions of users to potential identity theft via mobile phone, another great Silicon Valley neighbour is preparing to recieve their own particular reprimand.

Ex-Google employee James Damore, together with another fellow ex-engineer  is making headlines here in Europe and rightly so. Damore was let go (or fired in street lingo) by Google after an internal memo he sent to fellow colleagues unnerved top management when he exposed the reverse-discrimination policy of the giant tech company.

Damore privately denounced the illegal actions of the computer giant by publishing an internal “manifesto” hoping to call upper management’s attention towards the systemic discrimination of the company against conservatives and specifically employees of caucasian origin.

The response could not have come faster. Damore was immediately dismissed and categorically expelled from the company for suggesting the existence of such abuses of upper management.

What upper management at Google didn’t count on was the fact that Damore had already downloaded a numerous amount (86 pages, to be exact) of screenshots that offer strong evidence that prove their unethical behaviour.

Google is responsible for shunning and outrightly discriminating against white (especially male) employees, while maintaining an enviably diversified staff of only 56% white caucasians, and over 31% female employees.

A similar percentage of women work at Facebook headquarters as well, but Facebook boasts of maintaining a staff of 49% white Americans and 40% Asian origin. No wonder Americans are up in arms about the situation at Google and with tech companies in Silicon Valley in general.

News about working conditions at factories in Asia to produce Apple’s i-Phone 6S is more than notorious, including 12-hour shifts, 6-day work weeks at lower than ethical wages, and prohibitive living conditions in “Apple Campus dorms.”

For all of this, it would seem that Damore and fellow employee Harmeet Dhillon may have a point in tweeting #MeToo , this time for reverse descrimination.



to bear: v. to withstand, to survive, to deal with

a security breach: n. a hole or leak in security

reprimand: n. a correction, a slap on the wrist

to make headlines: v. to appear in the public media (especially newspapers)

to get fired: to get sacked, to be let go, to be asked to leave a company or position

to denounce: v.  to report to the authorities, to legally press charges against another party

screenshots: n. (pl.) electronic photocopies of what appears on a computer screen

to shun: v. to ignore, to not pay attention to or respect towards

to boast: v. to brag, to praise oneself

reverse discrimination: n. term that refers to the condition of minorities discriminating against majorities, normally non-caucasians (non-whites) against white skinned individuals


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Snow Shuts Down Major Tollway in Spain, Puigdemont Plays Virtual President of Catalonia, and Real Madrid Enters in Crisis

Snow Shuts Down Major Tollway in Spain

One of the major tollways leading into the capital city of Madrid was shut down last Saturday (the night of Kings’ Day) by what some Spaniards are calling a historic snowstorm in the province of Segovia and Avila.

More than 3,000 travelers were stranded on the Spanish roadways on the night of January 6, 2018. Members of the Spanish Traffic Delegation were forced to call in over 250 soldiers of the Spanish Military after the sudden snowfall left drivers and entire families trapped among the many mountain passes of Spain.

The situation was especially critical in the surrounding area of Avila in the province of Segovia. Christmas holiday goers were returning to their hometowns and cities after the long holiday season and unfortunately decided to ignore the various travel advisories or warnings emitted by Spanish authorities.

The snowfall itself was only 5-12 centimetres in accumulation, but vehicles without proper equipment such as tire chains were left abandoned as nightfall set in. MPs of the Spanish Army carried supplies to the stranded vehicles and in Alsasua, Navarre, more than 1,200 drivers spent the night in a nearby shelter that was enabled by that city’s mayor to deal with the terrible weather conditions.

As the custom is here in Spain, the weather was blamed on government authorities who were apparently unable to stop the snow from falling from the sky and opposition parties took advantage of the situation to use victims of the snowstorm for their own political gain, calling for the resignation of government and traffic authorities who had warned travelers three days in advance to avoid travelling by car on the night of the sixth.

Carles Puigdemont (a.k.a. C-3PO) – Willing to Crown Himself President of Catalonia via Skype

The ex-President and fugitive from Spanish justice, Carles Puidgemont has admitted that he is unwilling to enter Spanish territory if elected president of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

The circumstances dictate that Puidgemont will not enter Spain to be sworn into office (if appointed by the new Catalonian parliament, with a separatist majority) indicating that his arrest would be seen as a scandal throughout Europe if detained before the ceremony.

C-3PO…. or as other Star Wars fans have dubbed him, is pending arrest and trial in Spain for acts of treason, sedition and misappropriation of public funds for illegal elections held on October 1, 2017 in Catalonia.

Real Madrid Enters in Crisis

Real Madrid’s coach, Zinedine Zidane is up to his neck in hot water after a draw (a tie) in their league football match against the likes of Celta, who is in last place in the Spanish league. Real Madrid now trails the leader, FC Barcelona by 16 points.

In spite of disposing of whom most consider to be the best football player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, together with other football stars such as Marcelino and Gareth Bale- the team was unable to beat a daring Celta de Vigo, who deserved the win even in spite of uncalled-for theatrics on the part of some of their more amateur footballers.


tollway: a road that is monitored by a private owner who charges a toll or admission to use the road

to shut down: v. to close, to block the entrance to

stranded: adj – to be stuck or trapped

trapped: adj. to be in adverse circumstances that you can not control nor modify

travel advisory: n. a public announcement of danger when travelling

to take advantage of: v. to use or abuse of someone or some circumstance

to dictate: v. to determine

to be in hot water: v. to be in trouble, to have several problems

to trail:  v. to be behind, to be falling behind in the ranks

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TMI – Trump, Macron and Immigration

January 4, 2018

President Trump Dissolves Committee Investigating Election Fraud

Yes, you guessed right. President Trump has formally dissolved the very committee he set up early on as President to investigate allegations into voting fraud, especially in connection with so-called representatives of the Russian government.

The committee itself was set up to clear Donald’s name and promote transparency amongst allegations from radical leftists that President Trump had somehow tricked the American people into voting for him instead of Hillary Clinton.

For more than a year, the bi-partisan committee has delved into details of the 2016 presidential elections and come up short. There is some eye-opening evidence that points to some sort of contact with officials of the Kremlin on both sides of the aisle, but nothing so serious as to warrant further criminal investigation.

The committee itself seems to have turned up more evidence of collusion between the Obama administration and the Russians, which seems to have hampered Democrat claims of misdoings on the Republican side.

Macron Calls for Fake News Regulation

Meanwhile here in Europe, the not-so-new PM of France, Emmanuel Macron has promised to crack down on media outlets that cater to fake news sources. The announcement comes just after the PM’s annual meeting with members of the press in France.

Macron looks to pass legislation that will somehow regulate the circulation of fake news with plans to take legal action against fake news sources, shutting down websites and pursueing false news outlets, especially during election time.

Privacy advocates and citizens in general have looked down on the proposition as just another vehicle for Big Brother surveillance and excuse to manipulate the personal information of citizens of the French republic.

The comments from the French PM come just days after Pope Francis condemned the circulation of false or fake news as a grievous offense against God, though leaving the definition of such “fake news” up to the imagination of the general public.

The Pope’s condemnation is nothing new though, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church cites a number of serious sins of slander, detraction, calumny and the like.

Silent But Violent —>European Immigration Waves – Spain

The number of immigrants seeking asylum and opportunity in Europe has cuadrupled in  Spain this past year, registering a record 20,126 aspiring candidates who have arrived to Spanish shores alone.

The sad news is the growing number of victims of mafia-related groups chartering such escape plans to Europe under false pretences, generating over more than 3,000 drowning victims – a number that exceeds the number of victims of terrorism on September 11th in the twin towers of New York.



to dissolve: to break up, to close

so-called: adj. – in the opinion of some, alleged

to trick: v. to deceive

bi-partisan: adj. belonging to two different parties, normally opposing parties

both sides of the aisle: on both fronts of the conflict or debate

to turn up: v. to produce

to cater to: v. to appeal to, to attract

circulation: n. the spreading of, the diffusion of

outlets: n. sources, origins

grievous: adj. serious

asylum: n. official protection

to charter: v. to arrange or prepare and plan a trip

pretences: n. premises, assumptions





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